If you’ve been on the island in the past week or two, I’m sure you’ve seen the incredible amount of snow that’s been dumped on our shores. We’re on the hunt for ways to feed the skate crave while stuck indoors. You may think there’s no place to skate, and then ? all of a sudden the tile under your bathroom without the rug begins to look like a good idea…whatever works! I cleared out a spot in a basement which was great due to the concrete floors….until I fell without knee pads. Highly recommend wearing at least knee pads and wrist guards – elbow pads and a helmet are also strongly encouraged 🙂 .

Okay, here we go! Below are our top 5 tricks to practice indoors. These are all courtesy of other roller skater Instagram accounts, so we’ve kept the accounts linked to the images for reference. If you have a tutorial, video, or picture you’d like to share, email or DM us!

1. Crazy Legs ? (@thesemagicskates)

It truly doesn’t look that hard until you get going! The best thing to do here is just practice. This video is a great slow tutorial, so feel it out and get crazy!


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2. The Zero 0️⃣0️⃣ (@juliaonskates)

This is that cool backwards, forwards, turn and slide move that always looks like a ton of fun. Of course @juliaonskates makes this look like a breeze, but something about the way she breaks it down makes it feel easier to digest. Just gotta find that groove!

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3. Barrel Roll ✨ (@skatingsofie)

For those of you are aren’t huge on spinning just yet, this tutorial by @skatingsofie is a perfect example of control! Learning how to shift your balance and maintain upright is a huge component of skating (as you can imagine). Practicing the barrel roll helps to work on focus, core strength and of course, your dance skills!


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4. Snake Walk ? (@skatealldae)

Ooo this move is so good! Looks like its two separate movements of the front foot and back foot that are combined together. Check out this tutorial by @skatealldae to see how she breaks it down. Additionally, her IG page is awesome! She’s a stellar skater and a good follow.


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5. SPINS!?  (@pileaskates)

This tutorial is great because it’s actually of a fellow beginner skater @pileaskates who goes over the basics of how to spin. Start small with all of your wheels on the ground and take it from there!


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One last final reminder from @rollercoastinrubes ? ?

Anytime I’ve skated, the one thing that finally unlocks any trick for me is the right song. Sometimes it’s not even music I would generally like, but something about the rhythm or beat will be the key. If you find yourself jam skating, plug in some tunes and see what happens. You might surprise yourself!


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Were any of these videos helpful for you? Let us know in the comments below, email us at info@longislandrollerskate.com or DM us on Facebook or Instagram! Happy skating friends 🙂

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