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Bethpage Community Park
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Our Story

It all began with the statement: "Omg no way you have roller skates in your car too?!"


On an island this small, it was only a matter of time that we each found someone else who enjoys quad skating. However, our friendship began with that one statement in our digital marketing office.


We had been practicing at a local park down the road from our office until New York went into a shutdown. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we had nothing better to do but lace up our skates and get outside.


During the warmer summer months, we returned to the office were finally able to meet up again (masked of course). That was when we discovered the glory of skate parks!


This is just the beginning of a wonderful skate journey, and we hope that our Long Island Roller Skate digital presence brings you joy and maybe, inspires you to skate too!

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Got Skating Tips You'd Like To Share?

Email us a info@longislandrollerskate.com with your best Long Island skate spots and we'd be more than happy to add it to our list here for the growing roller skate community. 

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