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This website is intended to be a directory and source of information for roller skaters who are local to Long Island, NY and the surrounding area! 

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Local spots with smooth surfaces to practice all kinds of skating! (dance, rhythm, jam, artistic, etc.) 

What Can We Do To Help You On Your Skate Journey?

Note: The creators of @longislandrollerskate and the associated accounts are not professional roller skaters by any means! However, we have seen the interest in roller skating grow and we’re hoping that this website, our IG, FB, etc. can be a space for local skaters to learn and grow together. We’re here to help, so what can we do to help our fellow skaters? 

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Here’s a few things in the works:

  • Tips for Beginner Skaters

    We’ve received some feedback from skaters on IG that they’re set up with skates and would like some tips on how to get started. We’re cooking up some GOOD blog and video content to assist with that 😉

  • Workouts to Build Core Strength

    Our fearless content creator Katie has some projects in the works to help you get in shape for skating, so stay tuned for that! We’ll be posting more about the workout videos on our Facebook and Instagram.

  • Bail Compilations!

    There really is no gain without some pain, and watching a bail comp is always good for a chuckle! Follow us on Instagram @longislandrollerskate for more bails (and some wins!). 

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Got Skating Tips You’d Like To Share?

Email us a [email protected] with your best Long Island skate spots and we’d be more than happy to add it to our list here for the growing roller skate community. 

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