Stotzy Memorial Skate Park – Riverhead

The Stotzky Memorial Skate Park in Riverhead is a great spot for skaters of all levels. There are plenty smaller quarter pipes and flat surfaces for beginners, as well as taller quarter pipes, rails and boxes.

Do you have to pay to enter?

Yes, but if you decide after your skate sesh that you would prefer to get an annual permit you can apply one session to that annual fee.

Fee for Residents:

  • Daily Fee – $2.00
  • Annual Fee – $15.00

Fee for Non-Residents:

  • Daily Fee – $5.00
  • Annual Fee – $100.00

What should I bring to the skate park?

The skatepark requires that all patrons wear a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Heads up, you won’t be permitted in if these safety requirements aren’t met.

When is the skate park open?

The Riverhead Skate Park is open Saturday 1pm-9pm and Sunday 1pm – 7pm. The park is closed Monday-Friday.

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